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Shosha Bartholomew

Module 1 Assignment

Select ONE of the following options:

Complete your own scholarly research on the history of EEG and create an informational product that highlights the history of EEG. Be sure to include a historical timeline of the events and their impact on modern EEG techniques. Your product can be a webpage, infographic, presentation, blog, video, or pamphlet. Include captioning within your presentation or video. If you select the webpage or blog option, include at least one additional resource element in the form of a video, image, or diagram.

  • Create a concept map or diagram of the commonly used terminology in the field of EEG. You can use terms from the pre-lesson assignment. Connect the terms to the major contributors within the field. Include a brief summary detailing the research and information on the map.

  • Answer the following questions and post your response on the discussion board.

  1. What is an EEG technologist?

  2. What are some of the major developments in the development of EEG technicians

  3. Briefly discuss the requirements to become a credentialed EEG technician

For each option:

  1. Complete your own scholarly research and include at least (2) additional references

  2. If you select Option 3, respond to the post of two (2) of your course mate and engage in a scholarly discussion on the topic

  3. Share & engage in group discussion, using your research and assignment during the scheduled in-person session

Reply to this post with your assignment submission


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